Sunday, 11 December 2016


Most of the time I forget to take pics of my easel in the landscape when I'm out painting and I almost never think to ask someone to take any of me actually painting.  I must try to remember in future.....

But I thought I would post the few that I do have showing just some of the spots my friends and I visited recently. Getting out to paint with these seven friends has become a much valued part of my week.  I have come to really appreciate the fun and friendship I have with them; it is not only great to get out to paint in locations I might not have thought of, it is so good to be able to share my struggles, challenges and successes in a safe, caring and non judgemental group of painters. And we have such a laugh........

Ten Mile Point on a clear day. We painted here last year in thick fog when we couldn't even see that an island was out there.  But this day was great painting weather.  Ken Faulks chose to work in watercolour. 

High Oaks Farm off Granville and Hastings. There was so much here that I wanted to capture but I bit off a bit more than I could accomplish.  We'll be back here again for sure.

This spot on Hallowell Road has become a favourite for us. We've painted here in summer and fall and will be sure to get there in winter and spring. There always seems to be good cloudscapes here and there is a super island an small marina to the right.

Another day at Ten Mile Point.  Just the guys with me that day.

Saxe Point is another spot we seem to get to fairly often.  The dramatic clouds interested me so I painted them first before getting to the foreground.
Hallowell Road again.  Jim McFarland I painted together; the others wandered off to paint the view of the other side of the island.
We were lucky this morning to find shelter from the rain.  The beach is the place to paint on rainy days as it can still make interesting atmospheric pictures.
Mt Tolmie on a chilly morning.  Super shadows that day but I think mine was a wipe off
Esquimalt Lagoon

I thought this playground all in reds and yellows might make a painting. 
Gonzales Hill is another spot I return to quite often though not on windy days! I've painted here in wind so strong I've held the easel with one hand.
Desiree Bond - we didn't tell her the tide was coming in behind her!