Monday, 6 April 2015


This is fairly typical of the way I block in a painting.  I usually start with a bit of line done with a bristle brush and diluted Transparent Oxide Red.  Then I scumble in the dark areas.  With this painting, I laid in the foreground in broad washes hoping to leave a lot of it showing in the final version.

HORSES   14x24
The finished painting -  as usual I find I prefer much of the loose block in with it's vigorous energy.


  1. Lovely painting Deborah - Kent? Just so good. Wondefully loose treatment of the trees.

  2. Love your work! Thanks for posting your block in, I really enjoy seeing the painting unfold :) If you are even in Vancouver teaching a workshop please let me know :)

    1. Thank you Tracey; I appreciate the comments. I do teach on the Mainland once in awhile. Will let you know.

  3. You have done a wonderful job in painting the scenery. It looks so near to reality. Have you used water colours for this? Is it available for sale?

  4. Thank you! I used oil for this painting but it does have a watercolour feel to it. I'm sorry but it has sold. Thanks for the interest :)