Thursday, 6 August 2015


Jim McFarland and Clement Kwan working hard on a gloomy but interesting day at Gyro Beach
The view at Gyro Beach

Lots of mornings at Willows Beach and Oak Bay Marina.  I love to get up very early in the summer, walk on the beach and then do a quick study.

I was giving a lesson at the marina one morning and this family joined us - the little ones all settled in for a nap not 20 feet away

One of McFarland's favourite beaches

Joined a bunch of friends to paint overlooking the Lagoon
Ken Faulks lurking in the bushes

At Pearson College
The view at Pearson College

Ken Faulks lurking again 

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  1. This blog motivated me a lot to do morning walk and how to spend my morning in order to make my days the best and the pictures attracts me towards them as these are the natural aspects.