Sunday, 27 April 2014


I love painting the little ones, the 6x8's and 6x6's. So much freedom and fun in them where one brush stroke can represent so much.  Love them.  These below are some that I have/had in auctions on Daily Paintworks.

Early Spring  oil  6x6  
I was attracted by the colour combination of
orange, blue and violet.  The touches of yellow
and red really set it off.

From the Paddock   oil   6x6 
To paint this I had to stand equal distance from the
paddock on either side otherwise a nosy horse
would be upsetting my painting gear. 

One Small Boat   oil   6x6 
Rowboats are one of my favourite subjects
 and something about this one in St Ives is
 especially appealing.   

Fishing Boat in Rye   oil   6x6 
In England boats are left on the sand or mud
when the tide goes out.  They are so appealing
as subjects with all the ropes and cables and
shadows on wet sand. 

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